If we were to make a list of frequently asked questions, this question would have definitely appeared in the top 3. It comes to the mind of every curious client irrespective of the kind of stand up bag they are interested in. An honest and most accurate answer to this question is: It depends. A stand up pouch’s capacity to hold depends entirely on the kind of product being packaged. So the most important question is: What is going to be packed in the stand up pouch? Is it going to be fruit juice or the fruit itself?

The holding capacity of the pouch will be different for a solid product as compared to a liquid/wet product. However, a rough estimate of holding capacity tells us that a pouch with 3 x 5 x 2 dimensions can hold 1 ounce of dry product but the same pouch can accommodate 3 ounces of a liquid product. Similarly, a 7 x 11 x 3.5 pouch can hold 32 ounces of liquid/wet product but the capacity comes down to only 12 ounces for a dry product.

The bottom line is that the product to be packaged will decide how much space you will need inside the pouch. Apart from that, the holding capacity will also depend on the way a client wants the product to be packaged. For example, if the client thinks that their product will be consumed in one go and the packaging will be discarded after one use, they would prefer the content to be packed tight leaving minimal space on the top, as in the case of coffee packaging. However, if it is expected that the consumer will take out the content in small amounts, then the client will want the contents to be packed loosely with ample space on the top to reach inside and take out the contents just like in case of dog food packaging. Also, a zip lock will also be desired in such a case. These things change the capacity calculations.DSC_6624

All these things point out to one conclusion- it is a good idea to have a sample stand up bag before going for the bulk order. We can provide you a pack of samples of all the sizes in stock. On top of that, you may suggest changes in the stock size of the sample provided. To order a sample pack, reach out to us at StandUpPouches.net.

Post time: Dec-09-2022