PLA paper cup. Water or coffee cup made of cellulose with a layer of PLA. This PLA layer is 100% food grade, whose origin is corn plastic PLA from raw materials. The PLA is a plastic of vegetable origin obtained from starch or sugar cane. This makes these cups more environmentally responsible, as they are not only recyclable, but also compostable.

This cup is 100% compostable. It means that in addition to being biodegradable, it can decompose, degrading into compost or fertiliser. This avoids excess pollution in the environment and avoids emissions into the atmosphere caused by the transformation of waste.

The paper cup has a capacity of 7oz, or 210 ml.A perfect size for any type of beverage.Suitable for both hot and cold drinks. You can serve cold water but also coffee or tea. Withstands high temperatures.

It is distributed in bags of 50 units. In boxes of 20 bags. Designed in brown, the natural colour of the cardboard and with a green stripe. Keeping the aesthetics simple.

The cup fits perfectly into the cup dispenser and each bag fits perfectly. Thus, no cup is left out of the bag. This prevents any kind of contamination. In addition, it is convenient to use with the cup collector to better organise your recycling. This way the cups are stored together, making them easy to recycle.

Post time: Nov-03-2022